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2010/5 Will Relocate headquarter back to His-Chin1
2010 Acquired QC080000 certified.
2009 Extended Working capital to USD 13 millions, Established Suzhou new plant in Jan.
2008 Established a System Integration Division to develop new products of DPF and Student PC.
2007 Gain orders from ICP/Adventech, Leica, OMRON and Hitachi in Industrial field’s products.
2007 Acquired Hypercom, Philips/Quanta, Asus, and Parrot’s business.
2006 Our products were adopted & made in-bus GPS Navigation system & Electronic Fare Collection system in South Korea.
2006 To acquire the orders of Delta Electronics, Inc.
2006 ISO 14001 certified. Developed Student PC for US K12 education. Acquire the orders of Archos, Ingenico, Topaz and Delta Electronics, Inc.
2005/1~5 LONGCHEER, ATEL,SIM Tech (Design house for mobile phone), Arima and YULONG(Mobile phone manufacturer) business established, Vtech business established.
2004/8 Extended Working capital to USD 13 millions.
2004/5 Grained NTT Video phone order.
2004/4 Expanded TFT production lines & facilities in Suzhou, Cisco and Xerox business established.
2004/3 Working capital: USD 10 millions, Accomplished 5.6" TFT LCM and develop 7"& 8" TFT LCM on schedule, Verifone business established.
2004/12 Lexmark business established.
2003/5 Established new production plan of color LCM in Hsi-Chih. Worked with Jabil.
2002/1 Suzhou plant officially manufactured and carries on expanding. Celestica's business established in June.
2001/9 Qualcomm business established. Keytronic's cooperation Launched TFT LCM (1.6"~3.5") and CSTN (5.7") as well in December.
2001/6 Relocated headquarter to Nan Kang, Taipei. Expanded color STN LCM (LCD module) and TFT LCM production lines / Flextronic's business.
2000~2005 *Working and supporting business with EMS company of Flextronics, Solectron, Jabil, Celestica, PCI, Kinpo, Inventec, Keytronic, Sagem, SindoRicoh.
2000/9 Won HP (Hewlett Packard) outsource manufacturing order/ Solectron's business.
2000/5 Gained Whirlpool and LG Electronic assembly contracts / Kinpo's order.
2000/12 Maintained high growth in sales, as 85%. Acquired Siemens' order.
1999/5 ISO 9001 certified. Gained Olivetti and Lucent Technology orders in Q2.
1999/4 Lockheed Aerospace Corporation placed order for aircraft messengers phone set.
1999/12 Launched dot matrix 640X200 LCM for word processor and OA market.
1997/11 Established in Hsi-Chih. Developed COB, TAB and COG STN LCD Module.
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