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 Data Image Corp. (DI) Focus on Small to Medium Siz

To look forward the future, digital technology is ever closer to personal life/need.Newly developing application becomes a driven force for many industries to develop.In Japan, flat panel display (FPD) industry moves to producing small to medium size panel energetically during these years.Data Image, which has experience of putting into production of small to medium size panel for many years, has showed gradually the advantage to compete in consumer market and starts a new prospect.

David Chao, Assistang Manager in DI Sales Department, indicates that the main business items of DI are in the back of the manufacturing for LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays), such as design, application, and development of LCD modules.Emphasizing in division of producing capacity, [DI] has clear product position; main products include monochrome displays and TFT module design.Aiming at different panel size (mainly in 10” below and 1.5” ~ 10.4”), the range of products applied is broad/extensive, like the hand-held device and office equipment.For example, PDA, Global P System (GPS), color mobile phone, digital camera, digital camcorder, etc.In addition to the integrated supply-chain, DI has pass the ISP9001 International Standard Certificate and provides a professional technology service in color LCD as well.

In 1997, DI produces mainly monochrome panels; starting from 2000, color displays are produced.For about 2~3 years, DI tries to find out what the product poison is.In 2003, product poison is clear.David indicates that considering the large quantity and high cost to design and produce the large size panel, [DI] thus seeks for the opportunity in the small to medium size panel.Products will be more flexible and customized in order to fit the customer’s need, thinking in customer way and carrying out customer’s idea.David indicates that from 2003 to 2005, the sales of DI increase 50%.From the good selling achievement, it proved the correctness of market position development, and the sales is expected to grow 30-40% in this year.The annual amount of sales target is 2.3 to 2.5 billion dollars and expecting to enter the market in Q4 this year.

In Taiwan, the panel size mainly is 5.6” and above, the average price is high, and the added value of small to medium size panel is also high.Currently, DI has invested 200 to 300 million dollars in machinery equipment, and it costs 20 to 30 million to invest a product line.In general, Q2 and Q3 are peak seasons for LCD industry.From the prospect of planning product capacity, the monthly capacity is going to be 3 million pieces for the first half year.In addition to the product line in SiChi plant in Taiwan, SuZhou plant in China is in the expanding stage now.Plant no.3 will join into our product line in Q3; the capacity is expecting to be double, which will be 6 million pieces, in the latter half of year.Right now the export rate of products is 80% (other than Taiwan Market), selling to Europe, America, and Asia.The reason choosing China as the manufacturing site is because just like European/American investors regards China as a global factory, hoping to export goods much easier when expanding oversea market in the future.

David indicates that it is not excluded for the strategic alliance in the future.For instance, to found a market together with components factories.Besides keeping self core-technique and obtaining technique of transfer, the small to medium size panels will be expanded and improved to be lighter and thinner.He [David] thinks LCD industry will become the main stream of development for following years.Power-saving and thinner product will become the trend, and DI will show the glaring achievement in this stream.


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