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Projected Capactitive Touch LCM

The multi-point touch panel has opened up a new era for the flat panel display industry. Touch panel technology utilizes instinctive graphic operation to enhance the convenience of the interface between man and machine. A new relationship is thus introduced between man and machine, where no additional interface device is required. In order to enhance the convenience of operation, various industries implement the touch panel interface through the man/machine interface, and touch panels have created even more applications for consumer electronic products, such as: GPS, MID, E-book, Tablet PC….etc. In addition, the demands of several interactive commercial environments has been fulfilled, resulting in the growing demand for commercial touch panel applications such as the point of sale system (POS), cashier machine etc.

The experience accumulated from designing TFT LCM over the years and the ability to customize are the main advantages for Data Image. With many years of production on the existing resistive touch panels, in 2009 Data Image has formally invested in the research and development of projective capacitive multi-touch solution, focusing on the development of projective capacitive sensor modules, customized cover lens and Optical Bonding manufacturing facilities. In order to enhance the optical performance and product reliability of the displays, as well as increase product safety, Data Image has applied experience obtained from many years of service in the system integration industry to become the best supplier of diversified products in the market.

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